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Sale to Sea Grant Applications

Sale to Sea have grants available for eligible applicants within the Wellington and East Gippsland Shires, that can assist with the purchase of medical equipment and aides.  Grants are available to a maximum of $5,000 and are dependent on available funds.  Applicants can download the Grant application form (link below) and submit it to Sale to Sea where it will be processed and discussed by the committee of management who will advise the applicant in writing if their application has been successful.  Sale to Sea will not provide direct funds to applicants with all payments made directly to the supplier of equipment being requested.  These grants are not eligible for applicants in receipt of Workcover or TAC payments.

Sale to Sea Grant Criteria and Application (Click on the link to download application)


Co-founder, Troy Anderson

Sale to Sea Construct Wheelchair for local Stroke Victim

Some of the proceeds from the 2013 Challenge were used to construct a wheelchair ramp for local stroke victim, Kerrie Pratt, after she suffered a major stroke at the age of 42. The ramp allowed Mrs. Pratt to access her backyard in her wheelchair where her husband had set up the garden in a manor that would allow Kerrie to enjoy it. Mrs. Pratts increased mobility and access to her yard has improved her quality of life despite receiving ongoing treatment for her condition.  Sale to Sea Inc also purchased the batteries for Mrs. Pratts electric wheelchair at a cost of $600.


Andrew Bedggood (left), Malcolm and Kerrie Pratt (centre) and Sale to Sea member, Chris Fink, with the completed wheelchair ramp
Noeleen Wyld and Andrew Bedggood from Sale to Sea present Mr. Graham Fliescher from Stratford with his new custom made hydraulic lift chair from the proceeds raised from the 2015 Challenge

Sale to Sea Donate Custom Made Lift Chair for Local Gentleman

Sale to Sea recently purchased a custom made hydraulic lift chair for local Graham Fleischer.  Mr. Fliescher suffered severe injuries in an accident 20 years ago when he fell from a silo.  His injuries often cause him extensive pain and at times, he is unable to sleep in his bed.  The chair has been built to meet Mr. Flieschers needs and allows him to sleep in it if he is unable to use his bed.


Sale to Sea Helping Locals in Need

Sale to Sea recently assisted 4 locals with funding to obtain equipment that has made their lives easier.  Jim Hawthorn from Maffra was assisted with the purchase of an electric mobility scooter and some additional modifications that included a sun cover and rear carry basket.  The scooter has enabled Jim to get out of the house more and increase his independence.  Mr. Hawthorn stated:  “Without the scooter, I was stuck at home and now that I have it, I am able to visit my family on a regular basis.  I can’t thank Sale to Sea enough”

Adam Evans, from Cowwarr, also received assistance with the construction of a new wheelchair ramp and room.  The additions to his home have enabled him to enjoy his own space where he can watch movies and listen to music as well as easier access to his home via the new ramp.  Adams family were delighted with the assistance that Sale to Sea were able to provide, with Adams carer, Mitch Whelan stating that it has made a huge difference for the whole family.

Kane Erfurth from Bairnsdale also received a mobile hoist to assist with transport issues.  Kane has been basically house bound due to being unable to be transferred to the car by his mother, Mandy.  The new hoist has enabled the family to enjoy more liesure time away from home and given them the freedom they deserve.

John Dellow, from Eagle Point, has also been assisted with the purchase of a hospital chair and a walking frame.  The new chair will allow John to get up easier without experiencing increased pain and the walking frame will make things easier around the home.


Kane Erfurth, from Bairnsdale, with his mother Mandy and the new mobile hoist

L-R: Shaunagh Murphy, Wendy Evans, Lindsey Moran, Noeleen Wyld, Mitch Whelan, Lol Bedggood, Ian Wyld and Dean Murphy with Adam Evans.

Sale to Sea Committee member L-R, Dean & Shaunagh Murphy, Alda & Kim Dunlop with Grant recipient, Jim Hawthorn with his new mobility scooter

Sale to Sea Grants

Sale to Sea have Grants available to eligible recipients to a maximum of $5,000.  The Sale to Sea Disability Kayak Challenge grants provide relief in the form of in-kind support, volunteer labour or a monetary contribution to individuals who have a disability, as classified by the Disability Discrimination Act 1992 living in the Wellington and East Gippsland Shires.  For more information on the grant application process, please e-mail  Please note, that cash grants are not available directly to applicants and are only payable on provision of an invoice for the equipment being applied for.  Sale to Sea will directly pay the provider for services required and reserve the right to reject applications pending availability of funding or applicants not meeting the criteria of Sale to Seas Charity status as a Public Benevolent fund.  Please click on the link below


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